Master Instructor Debra Quinn

  • 1971 began practice at the age of 17
  • 1975 Unified Tae Kwon-Do’s first black belt.
  • 1972 - 1979 competed in Tae Kwon-Do tournaments throughout the US and Canada winning 26 1st and 2nd place trophies in Women’s division pattern and sparring.
  • 1975  2nd place in Black Belt Division pattern.
  • 1976- 1979 taught an after school program at St Agnes High School.
  • 1977 the University of the State of New York Certificate to teach Adult Education for the Rochester City School District.
  • 1978  2nd Degree Black Belt, testing in front of Gen. Choi Hong Hi at his home in Mississauga, Canada.
  • 1980 -1984 Served in the US Navy
  • 1985-1989 taught Tae Kwon-Do at Every Woman's Village in Van Nuys, Ca.
  • 1988  3rd Degree Black Belt
  • 1981 - 2013 USPS – retiring as a Station Manager
  • 2013 Returned to Rochester and Unified Tae Kwon-Do practice
  • 2015 4th Dan Black Belt
  • 2016 signed up with both AAU and USA Taekwondo as a coach
  • 2017 PATU G-Event Coach Seminar

Along with her many years of teaching experience, Master Quinn also brings life experience.  She joins Master Kanous II in welcoming you to the Unified Tae Kwon-Do family.