"Unified Tae Kwon Do shaped me into the successful woman I am today. Unified Tae Kwon Do teaches how to work hard, build respect, and strive for personal strength and achievements. It also develops great leadership skills, teamwork, and a strong sense of self defense. Unified Tae Kwon Do is for all ages and is a strong family based community that always supports its' students and to persevere towards their goals."

Alicia Kanous

"Was just a great time attending Unified Tae Kwon-Do ROCS. Made a lot of good friends. Excellent instructors. Willing to work extra hard with students. Every day was a challenge there. Helps build confidence while attending and is rewarding school to attend. Lots of great memories! I'd strongly recommend it for both beginners and advanced students..."

Lee Fiutko

"Unified tae kwon do has molded me into the person i am today and made one of the biggest positive impacts in my life. It also thought me to live with integrity and apply to everyaspect of my life. Also made some great long lasting friends"

Paúl TheBarber Garcia

"Sometimes I miss Unified Tae Kwon-Do.. I had such a blast when I was younger.. I know it's been 12.5 yrs since I last participated. What a shame! I should have gone back at one point."

James Joshua Campanaro

"Richard and Deb pour into your kids and help them reach their goals ! They get physical strength as well as strength of character!"

Libby LaMachia Waterman

"Awesome program, the instructor is a great guy who I've known for a while and has always been very respectful and it's very rare to meet someone with the dedication, drive and work ethic that he has, keep it up!"

Joey J Williams

"Great school! Train in a friendly place where people will treat you like family!"

Doug Baker

"Great for kids and adults that want to learn a discipline, good to stay in shape and protect yourself while learning core values"

Joe Van Auker

"Come join a great school. Instructors are patient and caring with all students. Great way to spend quality time with your family!"

Deanna Baker

"Instructors really care about their students and the quality of the techniques they teach."

Debra Quinn